If you are new to Wowisms, this site has a few examples of video production collaborations of Barry J Heidt (camera) and Norman D Austin (editor).
Barry has a long history of professional camera work, and Norman has been an active musician (keyboards) since the age of 7, with more recent parallels combining skills with video editing.

If you require any form of video production you can get in touch with us through our contact form. We can also arrange for multiple camera work, graphics, photography, original music and CD/DVD production.

New Human OS

Inspirational videos to raise awareness and improve our environment for the benefit of all.

This is huge!

We, as human beings, act as ONE. Even though it is sometimes hard to imagine, everything that happens on the planet, has been decided by our human collective.  The nature of our experience is colored by our “programs”.  These “programs” come from our own species, they come from the wishes of the collective, Gaia, and the Planetary Council, as well as from our culture, religion, society, education, family and our own and our body’s “karmic” leftovers.

All these programs function within a type of Operating System. A base range of programs of a certain vibration and nature, that allow certain things to be carried out, and others not to be carried out.

The New Operating System is basically a higher vibrational base for having a physical human experience on the planet.  It, for example, supports full awareness, as opposed to the veil of forgetfulness. It also supports self empowerment of the individual, as opposed to giving one’s power and authority away to another being or organization. These are but two of the new range of experience we can have in the New Paradigm.

This new OS is embedded in our DNA, which is directly affected by our verbal and written language.

How we use language, what words we use, and the act of becoming conscious of the vibration and meaning behind words, is all part of the new OS coming online.

Practical ways in which we can support the new OS for ourselves and those around us, is to, for example, stop complaining. If a person cannot help you with a certain something that happened, don’t complain to them about it. Also, and very importantly, is the act of responding instead of reacting to situations, vibrations, and individuals.  This last one is amazingly empowering for both ourselves and the other individuals involved.

And, of course, simply sitting in silence, while basking in the new vibration which we have made more readily available to the rest of the planet, is also very important. Take time every day to simply enjoy the new vibration!

Spread the word, the action, and decision, to move into the New Paradigm, embodying this new OS in our own DNA, our own lives, and thus making it available to everyone on the planet. We, by sheer numbers, have a huge effect on what happens on the planet at every moment of our lives.

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Hello Friend,

The new moon is traditionally seen as a time of renewal, and we like to honor that by sharing practices that you can use to deepen your commitment to building a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

As a part of the FOUR YEARS. GO. and Pachamama Alliance communities, you have access to a wealth of shared wisdom and resources, and we thought this would be the perfect occasion to give you a glimpse of what’s available.

We hope you enjoy it and tell us what you think!

Redefine Time As a Tool for Transformation

In the original Kichwa, the word Pachamama means “all space and time.” Often when we think of building a world that honors and values Pachamama, we focus on living in harmony with the space aspect: minimizing our ecological footprint, implementing Rights of Nature, giving gifts to the Earth.

“Time is money” is a familiar phrase in the modern worldview, and it reflects an unbalanced relationship to this sacred gift in much the same way that assigning a dollar value to water, land, seeds–the building blocks of life itself–does.

How can we redefine our relationship to time in a way that is environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling? And can that relationship go beyond the individual level to transform our communities and societies?

For this month’s new moon – itself a beautiful example of the interplay of space and time – we invite you to reimagine how your time can be used to consciously cultivate connection and wealth in your life and community.